An Intrinsic Love for The Craft

Capturing Magic Through creativity 

SCT  is a volunteer-run theater troupe based in Western, MA. Unlike other theater performances, our show is made to be adaptable to all environments, immersive for the audience, and above all, an extraordinary theater experience. We like to consider our show spooky, not scary; we welcome all age groups of strong hearts who want to be a part of an experience like no other.



The Story Begins

In Gill MA


SCT unofficially started in the 1980s, when multimedia artist and film teacher Jonathan Chappell, as a young boy, made a scarecrow that local police mistook as a real missing woman.


Inspired, Chappell continued making “monsters” as simple, handmade Halloween-themed lawn decorations displayed on Chappell Drive, in Gill, MA, that charmed and impressed his neighbors.


As the years passed, experience grew. Sticks, hay, bailing twine and paper mache were replaced by pvc, epoxy, resin, latex and silicone.  The display grew from a couple figures to extensive scenes, earning the approval of many passersby, including Spooky God Tim Burton himself. From these displays came the first ever Skeleton Crew Theater production, which Chappell performed entirely by himself to a small audience of close friends.

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Entertaining at Special Events

SCT loves special events

With the support of the Gill and Turners Falls community, the effort of Turners Falls High School students, and the willpower of Chappell  himself, Skeleton Crew Theater has blossomed from a seasonal hobby into a one-of-a-kind theater group specializing in adaptable, immersive outdoor performances with larger-than-life creatures. Venues have included  colleges, fundraisers for high schools, public/private events, festivals, local organizations, films and Boston Arts Week.